Venom OTF Knife Solution 30 mil

CobraTec is proud to announce our newest family member in our lineup called CobraTec Venom cleaner and lubricant. This USA made advanced Cleaner - Lubricant is no doubt a front runner when it comes to protecting your EDC knife collection or any other products you may have with moving parts. From knives to fishing reels CobraTec Venom has you covered. It is the fastest and easiest way to clean, lubricate and maintain your favorite EDC gear. The USA advanced cleaning technology removes deposits from the micro pores deep in the metal surfaces. It also conditions the metal deeply by filling in the micro-structure with micro-dry lubricants and provides the best possible lubricity across the applicable temperature spectrum, exceeding the highest and lowest possible temperatures in lubrication. Allowing metal parts to still slide freely due to the remarkable “dry boundary lubrication” properties of CobraTec Venom. A light application, or a few drops to all parts that are subject to mechanical movement is all that is required. We are very proud of this new USA advanced formula that cleans and lubricates known as CobraTec Venom. Always remember to keep all moving parts dry, clean and lubricated to last you a lifetime of use.