Trapper Hidden Release Stag

Introducing our new Patent Pending CobraTec Trapper Hidden Release automatic. The handle is comprised of textured stag with steel bolsters and comes with a drop point D2 steel blade. Push the bolster up to deploy the blade and push the bolster up again to release the lock. The Trapper has been around for many years and CobraTec is excited to add a bit of modern to this knife by making a hidden release auto.  

This blade is made of D2 steel and must be kept clean, dry and lubricated when not in use to offer you a lifetime of use.

AnchorAll CobraTec OTF knives are backed by our LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Trapper Stag Specifications:

  • Patent Pending
  • Satin D2 Blade
  • Stag Scales
  • 3.125 Inch Blade
  • 4.25 Inch Handle 
  • 7.375 Inches Overall 
  • Hidden Release
  • Weight 4 Ounces

Trapper Stag Details:

Hidden Bolster Release Mechanism:This knife incorporates a concealed bolster release mechanism, ensuring secure handling and added safety. The bolster release is seamlessly integrated into the handle design, reducing the risk of accidental openings while maintaining swift and smooth deployment of the blade.

Blade Material: The blade of the Trapper Stag knife is crafted from D2 steel, a high-carbon tool steel known for its exceptional hardness and edge retention. 

Handle Material: The handle of the Trapper Hidden Bolster Release Knife is made from authentic stag antler, providing a comfortable grip and a distinct, rustic appearance. Each handle is unique, showcasing the natural beauty of the antler.

Maintenance: Maintaining this knife is relatively straightforward, with most models allowing for easy cleaning, lubrication, and blade sharpening. D2 steel, while durable, requires maintenance to maintain its sharpness. It is a must to keep your blade dry, clean and lubricated when not in use.